What are PTZ Cameras?

Our Hikvision PTZ CCTV cameras give you the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom in any direction. They’re great for focussing in high definition and tracking moving objects.

Perfect for monitoring large outdoor environments, such as large residential areas or industrial estates, some PTZ cameras can be controlled remotely. For ultimate convenience, you can do this using an app on your phone, or any other device which is connected to the internet. Your CCTV camera will send you notifications of unusual activity, so that you can log into your app and manually track and zoom in on any intruders.

Auto-Touring CCTV

If you’re not available to control the movements remotely, you have the option to create a guard tour. This means that you can set up the PTZ CCTV camera to follow a pattern of predetermined movements and positions.

>Aside from being great for capturing suspicious activity, a moving camera will be very noticeable and off-putting to would-be criminals.

Auto-Tracking PTZ Camera

In addition, many PTZ cameras have in-built auto tracking software which allows the device to focus on a detected target by panning, tilting, and zooming on the object.

They do this by monitoring the pixels generated by the CCTV camera. When the pixels change due to movement on the footage, the camera can focus on this variation in pixels and track any movement.

With more basic, fixed cameras, if a person moves out of view, you are not able to see them again unless they move back into the range of the camera. The auto-tracking function of PTZ cameras expands your range of view, allowing you to capture any suspicious activity.

What Does PTZ Stand For?

PTZ stands for pan, tilt and zoom. These functions are extremely effective for surveillance. Here’s a bit more about each of the functions.


  • The camera can swivel from left to right and back again, allowing a wide area of coverage.
  • Panning options can range from a complete 360 circle to a smaller area.


  • As well as moving from left to right, tilting gives the camera the ability to move up and down, giving an even greater range of coverage.
  • The amount of vertical tilt varies between camera models, but can go right up to 180 degrees.


  • Optical zoom allows the camera to maintain the quality of the image. It does this by physically adjusting the camera lens, changing the focal length to zoom in and out.
  • The pan, tilt and zoom functions can all be controlled by you through an app on any WiFi enabled device.
    It’s just like having an extra pair of eyes at your home or business, without anyone having to be there in person.
  • Whilst more expensive than more basic CCTV cameras, PTZ cameras can often be a more cost-effective option.
    Due to the field of view that these cameras make possible, fewer cameras are needed to cover the same area.

Installation of PTZ Camera

Evolution CCTV and Electrical can supply and install Hikvision PTZ CCTV cameras throughout the North West of England, including Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and North Wales.

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