As a business owner, you know how important the safety and security of your premises is. You may have a security system and cameras installed to protect your employees and inventory. This will alert you of any potential break-ins or other crimes, but have you considered CCTV for car park security?

Due to the amount of foot and vehicle traffic, safety should be of the utmost importance in car parks, yet they are often a magnet for crimes such as assaults, carjacking, theft, and vandalism.

Why Car Parks?

The abundance of hiding places and the seclusion of car parks is very attractive to criminals. This environment provides an ideal opportunity to target your customers and employees as they enter and exit your premises.

Car parks are often not monitored by security staff or CCTV, and this allows them to commit crimes while going undetected.

Why Install CCTV Cameras On Your Business Car Park?

You want your customers and employees to feel safe at your business premises. An environment that deters criminal activity is crucial to this.

There are many things you can do to provide a less optimal environment for criminals.  These include limiting the number of hiding places on your car park and installing plenty of lighting. Hiring a dedicated security person is a great idea, but it may not be financially possible for many small businesses.

The single most beneficial and cost-efficient way to keep your business car park safe is to install quality CCTV cameras. They will not only act as a deterrent to would-be criminals, but mean that any criminal activity is recorded, and can be used as evidence in prosecution.

Car park security cameras will provide 24/7 monitoring, allowing a response to security incidents in real-time.

Most criminals will scout the area before committing a crime. Therefore, having noticeable, high-quality security cameras in the car park of your office, warehouse, care home or other business premises, can help to discourage them from proceeding.

CCTV Protects Against More Than Just Crime

In addition to crime, CCTV is useful in your car park to see any car accidents as they happen. They can help the authorities to determine exactly what happened and take the proper action.

Having a good quality CCTV system in your car park will also protect you from costly hit-and-runs and fraudulent insurance claims.

Feature Packed CCTV

Our HikVision CCTV cameras offer features that are beneficial to car park surveillance, such as license plate recognition, facial recognition, and wireless connectivity back to the main business premises.

Infrared imaging for night-time or low light video recording comes as standard.

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