Contactless entryWhilst the UK slowly works its way through the pandemic, businesses are doing everything in their power to make themselves COVID-19 secure. They are doing this to keep their staff and visitors safe, and also to ensure that they comply with government guidelines.

Think about how people enter and exit both external and internal doors within your premises. Maybe you already use some form of access control for security. Keypads, key fobs and biometric methods all require various points of physical contact, whether with the keypad itself, or to push or pull the door open once it’s unlocked.

Completely contactless site access control should form a key part of all return to work policies in the current climate. In fact, current UK government COVID-19 secure guidelines suggest that keypad entry systems should be temporarily disabled. This would prevent people from needing to touch them, potentially spreading the virus to the next person to use it. However, it would make businesses vulnerable to intruders, so is therefore definitely not an ideal solution.

The solution is a completely contactless access control system. Our COVID-19 safe access control systems do not require any physical contact whatsoever. You don’t need to touch a keypad, or even have any contact with the door in order to open it.

How COVID Safe Contactless Access Control Works

Your staff can gain access with their own personal contactless key fob. The system will recognise the user, and will trigger the lock to release. Following this, the door will open immediately, with no need to push or pull.

When exiting through the door, there are two options to choose from. The first is the system described above. The second is a contactless exit button. Simply wave your hand near the reader, and the door will automatically open.

Contactless Entry for Doors That Don’t Need Security

Not all internal doors require security. Toilets, for example. The contactless button method works perfectly here. After washing your hands, you would usually have to push or pull the toilet door to exit, and who knows if the person before you washed their hands? Again, simply swipe your hand over the contactless pad, and the door opens without any need to touch it.

The Benefits of Contactless Access Control

  • No spreading of germs through repeated contact with keypads.
  • No need to keep changing codes for security.
  • Contact with door handles not necessary. No need to push doors open with shoulders, elbows or feet to avoid touching them with your hands.
  • Ability to manage who can access which area, and at what times those areas can be accessed. Help social distancing by restricting staff to certain areas.
  • Control how many people can be in a particular area at one time. The reader will prevent anyone else entering the room until someone has left.
  • Makes reporting contact tracing much easier. See which employees have been in a particular area at a particular time.

If you’re interested in getting a COVID safe contactless access control system for your business premises, send us a message or give us a call today on 01257 460332.